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I went to another fantastic book event yesterday. The YA Extravaganza was a great day with lots of inspiring female authors talking about their incredible books. I might have said this before but I just think it’s so wonderful that there is so much YA literature around today. When I was younger it was kids books and adult books ( not adult books, like grown-up books. Obviously.) and that was it.


The fabulous Laura Dockrill was there reading from Aurabel (the sequel to Lorali). I have to say she is my favourite author to listen to. She’s just hilarious and dresses in magical technicolour.


I couldn’t get any shots which aren’t blurry but look at her amazing outfit!

Sadly I couldn’t afford all the books otherwise I would have had to struggle home under the weight of 10 books. I chose Close Your Eyes by Nicci Cloke which is a YA thriller and it sounds amazing. (I always go for thrillers over soppy girlie books but if you like a Romance stay tuned). I can’t wait to read and review this book for you all. Keep an eye out.

I also picked up No Filter by Orlagh Collins – she was fantastic by the way – which is not my usual type. The cover is amazing but it seems very teen romance. I’m not putting down this genre by the way, it just isn’t my usual cup of tea. But when Orlagh described how she came up with the title it was such a sweet, relatable story. And then she read an excerpt and I knew I couldn’t leave without it, she had me hooked. So far, I love it. I’m already nearly half way through so look out for a review coming VERY soon.


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