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My job is very boring and literally requires about 10% concentration so I end up listening to A LOT of audiobooks. I probably listen to anywhere from 2-5 every week which is way more than I get to sit down and read unfortunately.

Today I’m going to review The Missing by C.L Taylor. I actually downloaded this this thinking it was what the BBC series is based on. That series is amazing by the way so go watch it on bbc iplayer if you haven’t already. Anyway this book has nothing to do with the series as far as I can tell.

The story is told from the perspective of Claire who is the mother of a missing boy. Her son Billy went missing 6 months previously following a family argument and of course Claire is devastated. Despite him being gone for so long Claire refuses to believe her son has died and is determined to find him. The plot mainly follows Claire trying to piece together what happened to Billy while coping with a frightening illness on top of her family life.

If you like Crime novels you will probably like this. It’s no Gone Girl but it certainly keeps you in suspense. Claire suffers from an interesting psychological condition that makes this book all the more gripping by keeping the reader in the dark about crucial information whilst highlighting certain clues which might turn out to be red herrings.

This is definitely worth a read/listen. It kept me entertained through a dull work day. One thing I will say is listen to the audio sample before you download. The book is set in Bristol so the accent is strong. I found it a bit grating to be honest.

Let me know if you’ve read it already or if not will you give it a try? Should I do more audiobook reviews in the future?