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I’ve been Vegan for well over a year now and I feel I’m in a good position to share the benefits I’ve experienced since making the change. I was Vegetarian for over 10 years before I took the plunge into Veganism so obviously I was over the whole meat thing. Cheese was a challenge though but more on that in another post.

The Pros:

  • I found I’ve had more energy and feel much healthier since going Vegan. I know everyone says that so let me explain. I still get tired, I’m still a human being, but I don’t get fatigued after eating anymore.
  • No more bloating! As above I’m still a woman and a human being but I don’t get anything like as bloated, or gassy despite all the beans, as I did when I ate dairy everyday.
  • It’s so cheap!! The cheapest foods on the planet are Vegan. Base your diet on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and beans and you will be amazed at how much you save every week.
  • If you want to eat healthy it’s really easy but these days there are plenty of Vegan “junk food” and snacks available from restaurants and supermarkets.
  • You will have better skin. I don’t 100% know why, probably all the veg and lack of dairy, but that does seem to be the case for most people.
  • Some women notice a big reduction in menstrual cramps (not me sadly but I hear it’s true).
  • And OBVIOUSLY you won’t be paying for horrible things to happen to animals for the sake of a meal which you could probably veganize anyway.

There are more but we would be here all day :)

The Cons

  • People will be annoying about it. Eventually they will get used to it but for a while you will have to endure irritating questions like; “Where do you get your protein??”Beans & tofu biatch where do you get your fibre? “How do you have energy??” Umm I mean hello…CARBS. Or people will say shit like “but bacon…” to which I suggest you respond by sending endless pictures of really cute piglets.
  • Your family might not support you. My mum was probably still hoping the whole Vegetarian thing was a phase so when I told her I was going vegan she wasn’t thrilled. I’m 25 by the way and I don’t live at home but I obviously still care about her opinion. I don’t know if she approves but she’s still been supportive. This years she’s even suggested we make vegan mince pies! It just goes to show everyone will come around in the end.
  • It can be hard for the first few months. But it’s so easy after a while. You stop thinking of meat, eggs and dairy as food and you won’t even feel jealous when people eat pizza in front of your face. You can just get a vegan cheesy pizza and inwardly gloat about how much easier yours will be to digest.

So those are the pros and cons of going Vegan. If you need help or support going fully Vegan over night or gradually over a few months please leave a comment with any questions.

I’m thinking of doing some more posts on this topic. How would people feel about a Vegan on a budget post?


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