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A lot of people think it’s really expensive to go vegan and the truth is it can be. When you first adopt a vegan diet you will most likely be drawn to mock-meats, vegan ice cream, and other treats marked “vegan” and these can be quite expensive. I would argue that meat, dairy and treats are fairly expensive anyway but I see where people are coming from.

I am a vegan and my diet is NOT expensive. I don’t earn a lot of money so I need to be careful of over-spending on food (tempting though it is) and not being able to afford to get to work. Here’s how I manage it:

Bulk buy dry goods.  I don’t mean buy unreasonable amounts of food you will never finish. Even I would feel sick from the sight of a 8 kilo bag of rice haunting me every time I opened the cupboard. But 2-3 kilos of rice is a good bet. It lasts ages, depending on how often you have rice, and basically never goes off. Similarly dried beans are cheap as hell and will last you until after the apocalypse. Probably.

Buy Frozen. Not the Disney film of course that won’t save you money on groceries. Even I know that wasn’t a funny joke. I mean buy frozen veggies. I favour the cheapest, store brand, extra value variety but basically any frozen veg will be cheaper than fresh. It doesn’t go mouldy and make your fridge smell funny if you forget about it and prevents waste. If you want insta-worthy smoothies on a budget you can buy frozen berries and mango for a fraction of the price of fresh.


Potatoes. They are versatile for start. Think home made chips, baked potato, soup, curry anything you bloody like. And they’re SO cheap. Don’t buy frozen chips they’re too expensive and they’re full of weird oils and things.. I do amazing oil free and normal oily chips.. comment if you want a recipe.

Leftovers. Eat leftovers for lunch. It’s cheaper than buying an expensive, horrible sandwich from somewhere and much nicer. You can warm your leftovers in a microwave if you have one at work or throw in a load of salad and have it cold. Cheap, healthy and delicious.


Offers. If you’re partial to a bit of mock-meat then I recommend you wait for a 3 for 2 offer or something like that. Or look at supermarket brand meat alternatives which are usually cheaper and just as nice. Most supermarkets have vegan bean burgers and things like that these days which I love. Even my meat eating friends love them.


Treats. If you miss treats like ice cream it’s obviously fine to buy it now and then just as you would have before you were vegan. Look at the ingredients of snacks you already love. Oreo’s are vegan, so is most dark chocolate. Try and get these things on offer if you can. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so luckily I only have to get these things once a month…tmi?

ENJOY YOURSELF! Veganism is fun! You can try new recipes or veganize the things you already love. It’s about eating an abundance of delicious, healthy foods and anyone can do this whether you’re on a budget or not. I am planning to do some cheapo recipes in the future so if anyone has any requests please let me know in the comments.

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