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SO many people struggle to get their 5 a day and I feel like veg is the biggest challenge for most people. Fruit is so easy, you can just shove and apple, banana, orange or whatever in your bag and go. But veggies aren’t such an easy snack and I know a lot of people who “hate” vegetables. Honestly, I used to be the same until I went vegan and found ways to sneak vegetables into my diet. So here are my top tips to get more veg in with minimal effort.

Find your favourites. First of all, my most important tip is to find vegetables that you really like. You don’t have to love them but don’t try and force down vegetables you can’t stand to eat. For example, I HATE mushrooms and I will never eat them. No matter how good for me they are I won’t eat them. Don’t torture yourself with your dinner-time horrors of your childhood. Find veggies you like and eat those. It’s that easy.

Bury them. Now you’ve found a few, or at least one, vegetable you like you can start to incorporate them into your meals. A good way of doing this is to put the veggies on your plate first then cover them with whatever else you’re eating. I often put a couple handfuls of raw spinach and some cooked broccoli on my plate then cover them with pasta, chilli, curry, veggie rice or whatever I’m eating. This meant your veggies will taste basically the same as your dinner and you won’t notice them. Easy. Make sure to eat all the veggies before you get too full.

Stir-Fry them. This speaks for itself. When you make a stir fry make sure to add loads of vegetables. If you combine this with the tip above you will be laughing.

Sneak them. Tricking yourself is basically impossible. But if you get into the habit of adding some vegetables into rice, for example, every time you have it you won’t notice it after a while. Say you’re having a curry or some chilli with rice on the side. When your rice is nearly cooked add some veggies (the really cheap mixed frozen veg is best as it’s in really small pieces and takes no time to cook) then serve it along-side your main meal as usual. You will hardly notice the little veggie pieces and you will have had one of your 5 a day.

Have a side salad. This is so easy. You can even buy a back of salad, add lemon juice or whatever dressing you like and have it with your main meal or as a starter. I know this seems so obvious but until last year  I had never done this and I’m sure I’m not alone.


It’s really easy to say “I’m going to eat healthy” or ” I’m going to eat vegetables with every single meal forever”. But I know first hand how hard this can be if you don’t want to make the extra effort or risk not enjoying a meal by adding things you don’t really like. I hope you will take some of these tips on board and let me know if you manage to sneak some veggies into your diet :D

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